Current And Recent Projects

Real Estate Matters

Review Of All Recorded Documents (interests in land including but not limited to easements, rights of way, access agreements, etc) And Explanation Of Respective Rights For Numerous Major Land Parcels

Preparation Of Title Opinions Based On Considerable Wind Farm And Related Interests

Preparation Of Title Opinions Based On Extensive Recorded And Unrecorded Property Interests In Several Land Parcels

Negotiation And Drafting Of Several Easements On Behalf Of Landowners

Negotiation And Preparation of Landowner Access Agreement To Enter Beachfront Parcels

Negotiation and Preparation Of Numerous First And Second Notes And Deeds Of Trusts

Negotiation Of Workout Agreement, Discount And Repayment Of Major Commercial Corporate Loans

Preparation Of Option Agreements To Purchase Commercial Property

Counsel For Both Buyers And Sellers On Numerous Major Commercial, Industrial And Residential Purchases And Sales

Representation Of Both Landlords And Tenants In Numerous Commercial, Industrial And Office Leases







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